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Dr. McKenzie espouses competent, innovative leadership;

Loves preaching the gospel, writing and conducting professional training seminars
Dr. David McKenzie

Dr. David McKenzie

Dr. David McKenzie is blessed as a preacher of righteousness, a counselor, writer, teacher and international evangelist.

He is an ordained minister of religion, and currently serves as the Director, Adventist Youth Ministries, Northeastern Conference of SDA.

Dr. McKenzie came through the ranks in youth work from Adventurers to invested Master Guide; served as AY Secretary, AY leader, and youth elder in his teens.  God also used him to preach at tent crusades as a teen/youth evangelist hence, evangelism remains the nucleus of his ministry. 

He matriculated at the current University of the Southern Caribbean (then CUC), and later attended Andrews University. There, he acquired Masters in Divinity Eq., Masters in Counseling and Doctor of Ministry in Leadership degrees.

As a counselor, Dr. McKenzie has coupled Christian counseling with the offensive weapon of an earnest Prayer Ministry; thus many victories for youth, and general membership alike have been realized.  

In support of his ministry nucleus, he has authored the innovative Bible Education Series – ‘Express Lane Bible Study’ which has been utilized in small group evangelism, friendship evangelism, and the urban, fast-paced metro/train evangelism.  He continues to support youth urban literature evangelism as he has fond memories of his years with Review and Herald, as a student Literature Evangelist across the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  Internationally, from Canada to Great Britain to Guyana and islands of the Caribbean, God continues to bring countless numbers to His fold through His humble servant.

He is a family man! While at the University of the Southern Caribbean, he met his dear wife and ministry partner, and their full quiver comprises a son and daughter.

Dr. McKenzie espouses competent, innovative leadership; loves preaching the gospel, writing and conducting professional training seminars; is driven to equip youths for God’s service; has a burden for souls, and a pressing goal: to enlarge the population of the Kingdom of Heaven.  
Simply put, he is God’s man with a mission.